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Resources & Tips

Finding help can be hard. Here are a few websites when looking for assistance!

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SD Gunner Fund

SD Gunner Fund is a registered 501©3 nonprofit with a mission to provide a world-class service dog training and advocacy program to support military families, first responders, and children with disabilities. 

  • We have reached over 215,000 children through animal-assisted therapy.

  • Provided over 50,000 hours of training for service dogs.

  • Served over 450 military and special needs family members.

National Resource Directory

The NRD is a database of validated resources that supports recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration for service members, veterans, family members, and caregivers.

Soldier in Uniform
Image by Tegan Mierle

Project Sanctuary

They assist military service members by reconnecting with the family unit through a holistic approach. Their program heals the traumatic effects of military service, treating all members of the family at their level of need and enabling the service members to reintegrate into their families and communities healthily and sustainably. Project Sanctuary’s work preserves the family unit, strengthening the community, the military, and the country.

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