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Service Dog Business Compliance Workshops

Britnee Kinard LLC offers Service Dog Workshops to explain Service Dog Laws and how they may affect a business or place of accommodation.  All of my workshops may be customized for conference breakout sessions, lunch and learns keynote speeches, or any type of event.

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I am certified through HUD & Fair Housing Advocates to teach classes to individuals, small businesses (especially real estate, HOA, apartments, and rental agencies), and corporate entities on how to legally abide by laws & regulations regarding ADA, service animals, and emotional support animals.

My classes are geared around keeping businesses out of trouble to help them avoid costly discrimination lawsuits. I can teach your team what to say, how to say it, and what documentation is legal and what is not. I can also help you differentiate between a real and a fake service animal. We go in-depth to ensure that businesses understand the differences between therapy, service, and emotional support animals, as well as the documentation required. 

During our class, we discuss other items that are often a violation of ADA but are usually overlooked. This can include HOA rules and regulations, pool rules and regulations, and community area rules and regulations. Almost 85% of all rental agencies and apartment complexes have multiple items in violation and never realize it. 

I will ask for real-life scenarios and help you walk through the situation for you to feel confident knowing how to respond. I serve as a liaison for you and the community and will make sure to get all your questions answered in a safe and judgment-free environment.  I hope that I give you all of the skills and support that your staff needs to appropriately identify and handle fake service dogs and fake emotional support animal situations.

Please contact us about our Speaker and Workshop Fees for information on the different types of speaking engagements offered and a list of bonus add-on services.  All our topics may be customized for your event.

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