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Does one REALLY know where they came from?

Does one REALLY know where they came from?

I have been wondering about this for a while now, so I decided to jump off the deep end and do a genetic test. I did not use a commercial test like "Ancestry" or "23 and Me." I used a private genetic company to pull my genetic profile to ensure I was getting what I paid for.

There is nothing wrong with those companies, but I have just heard from other people that their accuracy may not be as good as they advertise, so I chose to go with the private genetic company.

Needless to say, the results are extremely shocking!

My family had always told me that we had certain genetic profiles in our history, and I found out almost all of them were false. It is also enlightening to see my whole profile and to know that I am made up of some AMAZING history and cultures.

I am:

European: German (highest percentage overall) Italian

South Asian: Punjabi Gujarati Indian

Admixed American: Peruvian Puerto Rican

East Asian: Japanese Kinh Vietnamese

African: African America Luhya in Kenya

My genetic Haplogroup H1 is said to have been formed around 22,500 years ago in Western Europe - more exact…. Spain!



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