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Let me introduce myself!

Hey! Hey! Let me introduce myself.

I'm Britnee Greenlee Kinard, a military spouse and caregiver to my Purple Heart Veteran husband. I am also the founder of the SD Gunner Fund. I created the SDGF to help veterans, children with disabilities, and first responders while inspiring disability awareness through public education and advocacy.

* I provide trained service animals to veterans, children with disabilities, and first responders through the SD Gunner Fund

* I teach education seminars on FHA and HUD Service Dog and ESA housing laws, as well as ADA Service Dog Laws. I love educating others and making sure that everyone has access to learn about legitimate service animals.

*I'm equally fascinated with Outdoor Recreational Therapy and its healing benefits to military families, first responders, and children with disabilities.

* I was born and raised in Mississippi. Met my husband in South Carolina. I live in beautiful Richmond Hill, Georgia (outside Savannah). It's now my mission to share my education and advocacy work nationwide!

Since becoming a military spouse and caregiver, I have had my fair share of ups and downs. I have had to fight for my husband's medical care through multiple government systems. My family and I have lost everything we've owned. I fought for my child's right to an appropriate education (because he is autistic). I have been at rock bottom, wondering whether to pay my mortgage or put food on my table.

When I'm not running the SD Gunner Fund, teaching education seminars, or speaking at conferences, you'll find me outdoors with my family and our amazing doggos!

I'd love to hear more about you and your journey! "Follow" my Facebook page if you're interested in hearing more about our crazy journey in this game called Life.



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