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Let's Talk Hair...

Let’s talk hair…..

I’ve had naturally curly hair my whole life. I mean.. BIG FLUFFY, FRIZZY, CURLY HAIR.

I took a collagen supplement a few years ago, which completely changed my hair texture.

My hair went completely straight I immediately dropped the supplement from my daily routine. About six months after dropping the supplement, my curls started returning, but it was sporadic and not cute.

Then, I lost 90 lbs, and most of my hair fell out!

I’ve never felt so depressed and defeated. I felt like I had lost my beauty… My femininity… My identity.

I have been searching for solutions for months. My hair stylist has been AMAZING and has supported me 100% through this weird journey, and my medical spa team.

Yesterday, I tried a new treatment on my list of “possibilities,” and I’m very pleased so far! My curl seems to have popped back… now let’s see if it stays, I will share the treatment with you if it seems to have worked, but I don’t wanna share it too early if it’s going to bomb

As of right now, I’m loving my hair, which is something I haven’t been able to say in a while.

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